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What makes all of us unique, is what we see and experience each day of our lives. What we interpret from others is what brings about change, and creates the very unique individuality we call our voice. So speak out! Make your voice be heard!

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    How to: Create Critical Thinking Skills

    5 years ago

      Why do We Need Critical thinking Skills?   Critical thinking skills are used in many aspects of everyday life and are particularly important for university students to master before advancing into a...

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    How To: Overcome Jealousy

    5 years ago

      How To: Overcoming Jealousy November 10, 2008.   Let's face it; everyone has been bitten by the green eyed monster at least once. Some of us have multiple bites and have even grown immune to his...

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    Stress Coping Strategies

    22 months ago

    Stress Coping Starategies Stress is out body's reaction to pressure or other demands that are placed on us. There are two types of stress, good stress and bad stress. Good stress would be the kind that keeps you...

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